I have to admit, I am getting a little tired of the snow this year and glad to see it start to disappear. With all of the early melting in the city, people have been thinking about summer at the lake since February. However, even with that great big ice cube next to us, many people have been surprized to see that winter at the lake lasts well into April. If you want to see what the current conditions are like, you can usually see a recent picture by checking out the Picture of the Week in the News section of our website.

The warmer weather has also caused people to start calling me about lake lots much earlier this year, and I already have a pretty long list of people hoping to join our community. I can’t stress enough that if you have friends or family looking for a lot then you should have them contact me right way. We currently have about a dozen lots available.

Hopefully the regular spring rains will start soon, and not miss us this year. Then we will not have to worry about our lawns, fire bans and problems with the boat launch. I have spoken with several of our long term community members and no one can remember a year with the lake level as low as it was last fall.

As you may have figured out, when we are at risk of a fire ban the wildfire status on our website will be changed to warn that “Campfires May Not Be Permitted”. If a fire ban is then declared for the Resort, signs will be posted and the phone message will be changed that day. We will also do our best to spread the word on Facebook but, if you are not sure, you should check these locations for current information.

The unusually dry weather also caused questions about the boat launch. I am in progress of learning what can be done to improve it and hope to have more information for the Annual Meeting. In addition to the boat launch at the south end of the Resort, there is an MD maintained public boat launch just beside us, and another (usually deeper) launch at the west end of the lake. There is a rumor going around that a fourth public boat launch exists as well, which is wrong. Be aware that all lake access in Broken Paddle is through private property and although there is an established trail going into the lake, it cannot be accessed without crossing a private lot. Please respect our neighbor’s rights and do not enter their property without specific permission.

There are no plans yet for spending the Campers Association money this year, but there was a purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) last summer. This medical emergency equipment can be used in a life threatening situation where someone is in cardiac arrest (heart stops beating). All Emergency Volunteers are aware of the new equipment and no formal training is required to use it as it is all automatic. If you have a spending idea for this year then send it to the events coordinator and it will get added to the agenda for the Annual Meeting.

The hoodie order has now been placed and several families participated bringing the order to well over 50 items. Invoices will be sent when the items arrive and they should be available for pickup in the store starting in May. If you missed the order, there is a selection of logo clothing in the store (including some hoodies). If you are looking for a particular item but don’t find it, send a message to the events coordinator and maybe there will be enough interest for another order sometime.

This year we saw even more people coming to the lake during the winter, including an organized Family Day Ice Fishing Derby. The pictures showed that people can enjoy the snow and the cold, especially if it is just for a short stay. During your winter stays keep in mind that heavy snowfall can occur quickly and there is a real risk of being snowed in for an extra night or two. Remember that the Resort Rules are all still in effect in winter time too. Please keep your quads and snowmobiles on the graveled roads or paths and off of the grassed areas, and especially do not enter other people’s lots without permission. The emergency road behind the Resort is very close to living structures and play areas, so use extra caution when in this area. Also, there are marked access paths to the lake that can be used in summer or winter, including the boat launch for larger vehicles.

Once again, I have received several applications to build sheds, decks and cabins and we will see a change in the look of several lots over the summer. If you are thinking of a project, remember that anything to be left on a lot for more than 7 days is considered permanent to us, and will need approval. Approval is usually easy to get, but the process gives me an opportunity to confirm the structure doesn’t break any rules and to see if a formal Development Permit is needed from the Municipal District. Also, keep in mind that no one wants to have a long term construction site next door. If you are starting, or already in the middle of, a project then make it your top priority until it is done.

There were an unprecedented number of people last fall that needed to be reminded to have their septic tank emptied before freeze up. Be aware that, now that the tanks have settled, there is no longer any need to leave any fluid over the winter and that any remaining fluid in the tanks will freeze. If a tank is half full or more in the fall, the expansion of the liquid will cause irreparable damage to the tank. The cost of a replacement tank is well over $1000 and maintaining the condition of the tank is your responsibility, including the cost of replacement or any needed repairs. Make sure your septic tank is emptied at the end of each summer or dip it to ensure it is well under half full (excluding the neck).

As announced last fall, there is a new document on our website called Lot Information (bottom right of the home page). This document shows information for all lots including the size, the legal unit number and the current price for a new lease. The price shown may be different than what is shown in your lease agreement which, of course, is what will be charged for the remainder of your lease term. However, any new lease agreements signed will use the new prices shown on this report.

There will be a lot of activity at the Resort this year. If you are looking for information, the events coordinator can be reached at events@fawcettlakeresort.com. If you ever have a question that is for me or Dale, then contacting us by email or by my phone number is usually the best way to ask it. A note can also be dropped off in the mail box at the front of the Store Community Building that we will look at the next day. On days when I am at the Resort, I can usually be found in that building each morning at 9.00am (until I get my paperwork done for that day). Dale drives by the building each day at 5.00pm as well, to see if there is someone there waiting to see him. All of this contact information is available on our website by clicking Contact Us on the top right.

One final thing, each year there is a meeting of all Annual Campers on the Sunday of the May long weekend, just outside the Store Community Building at 1.00pm. Suggestions for agenda items should be submitted to the events coordinator. Everyone is welcome and don’t forget to bring a lawn chair.

See you at the Lake.