Fawcett Lake Resort is located at 1328 East Fawcett Rd. in the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River, Alberta, Canada. It is on the eastern half of Section 12, Township 73, Range 26 west of the Fourth Meridian and at 55°18’18″N, 113°51’10″W. In 2014, it was legally subdivided into over 200 units under Condominium Plan 142 2340.  The legal unit number for a specific lake lot can be found on the lot information document.

To find the Resort, you will need to find Smith, Alberta which is north of Westlock and east of Slave Lake. After crossing the river, you simply follow the signs east and north for 27 km, to Fawcett Lake Resort. For more detailed directions go to Google Maps.

Near the north end of highway #44, turn off of highway #2 and take highway #2A north for 17 km going through the town of Smith. After crossing the Athabasca River and climbing the hill, turn right onto East Fawcett Rd. and note this point as km 0 on this winding road.  You will need to turn left after 6 km, then left again at 10 km following the road as it turns east towards Moose Portage.  Then turn left again just before 18 km at Rge. Rd. 260 and head north up the hill. Shortly after the Municipal Boat Launch, turn left and follow Resort Road down to the lake.