Sunday, May 22, 2016


Fawcett Lake Resort Campers Association

  1. Welcome  

Introduction of James and Jeannine Albach, the owners of Fawcett Lake Resort


Congratulations to Dale and Anita who celebrated their 10th Anniversary with the resort this past winter. They do a tremendous job and for that we are thankful. For everybody who doesn’t know Dale posts the picture of the week on the Website.


A special thanks to Anita for doing a fabulous job cleaning the beach every year.


  1. Chairperson’s Report

Lot Information

– A new report is now on Website in the Other Useful Items section

– if you need to find out how much your fees are (increase of 10% this year reflected on the fees) or your Legal Lot address this is the place to look.


Emergency Road

– The Emergency Road on East side of campground is a public road. Although the speed limit on a public road is 50km/hr, please be respectful of the campers with lots that back onto this road. There are small children that could be hurt if you are going too fast.

Speed limit is 10km/hr within the resort. This is to allow everyone to enjoy their time at the lake and to keep everyone safe. Please adhere to this rule.   



– Pets are to be kept on a leash at all times. There have been a couple of instances of dogs not being on a leash and going after other dogs.

Construction Projects

– New pathways are very close to some of the lots, please use respect when going by.

– Don’t walk or drive across other peoples lots.

– Winter Rules vs Summer Rules are the same.

– Quiet hours are from 10pm-8am . If you are at a friend’s lot you may drive your Quad back to your lot during quiet hours (providing you have not been drinking).


Maintenance of structures

– should be a high priority. We need to make sure that our lots look their best.

– If you start a project please finish it before you go on to the next one. Sometimes it just needs a fresh coat of paint to make a place brand new again.

– Brightly colored tarps are ok for short term but long term require should be natural colors

– Fences Use of slats for fences are okay but no exposed bark… must be finished appropriately.

– Please ask Curtis if you require more information about lot construction projects as all structures need to have permission. A simple email is usually fine.


Utilize on Resort Businesses or local businesses.

– Business cards are posted at the store.

– call for new businesses on the Resort

– Lola (103) introduced her Hypnotherapy business is available

Automatic Electronic Defibrillator

– Purchase of an AED is done. Thanks to Yvonne(53), Lori(37), Lois (208) and especially Tyler (27)

– During summer months it will be kept in the store

– During winter months it will be kept in the managers residence (to prevent freezing)


Emergency Volunteer Symbol – Orange Life Buoy

– The new picture of the life buoy will identify Emergency Volunteers.  

– Note that these volunteers are not just for medical emergency, but any emergency at the Resort.

– We are looking for a volunteer to make a sign of this symbol to put on the Emergency Volunteers lots when they are here at the lake.



– Please keep your stuff locked up as there have been several break-ins at the lake.

– Dale may notice if something looks wrong, but does not patrol for unusual activity


Cutting of Firewood

–  Crown land requires a permit (about $5.00)

–  Cutting must be 1km outside of the resort (or any populated area).



– Should we consider improvements to the playground? Do we need to look into a new swing set?

– A request was made to pursue fixing the squeak from the swing set.  Dale will pursue.

– Need a volunteer to find out more information.


III. Report from Fawcett Lakeside Development Inc.


Camper Association Finances

– current bank balance is $2112.48.  Money is available for Community Events and Purchases.  

– income is from Daily Camping fees last year & donations received

– As acting treasurer for the Association, please contact me if you would like access to some of the funds.

– bought an AED last year, do we have any other ideas for major purchases this year?



– May 15 was the deadline for payment of Annual Lot Fees.  

– To most people, thanks for paying on time as processing a payment at my desk at home, with internet (and heat) is much easier than doing it this weekend.  

– If you were late, ask yourself why.  It is a lot simpler to just put a cheque in the mail in early May, than to try to find me at the Resort (and give it to me in the rain)



– I spoke with two internet providers over the winter.  There is currently no interest in providing service in our area.  The cost to build is too high at this time.  

– one quote was $50K and another was $250K.  They obviously did not consider our area profitable enough to pursue much effort

– one offered to help with building, maintenance – cost to be determined

– monthly fee at least $2500/mo plus any maintenance cost

– cost can be recovered however we deem fair

 – with 100% participation cost works out to $150/year as a minimum

– no partial year service possible

– Government grant money may be available to build a tower

– need volunteer to pursue if this exists

– was advised that we should instead consider installing a cellular phone hotspot

– ball park estimated $1500 for full store community building

– FLD will pay 50% of this cost if Association pays other half


Dock Agreement with MD

– In the past there was a three year written agreement with Municipal District to allow docks.  This expired last December

– there were a few articles in Slave Lake Newspaper covering this

– Permission for docks is still in place even though dock agreement was not renewed by MD


Boat Launch

– There is no public boat launch at Broken Paddle – Mike from Broken Paddle has asked that I tell people to stop driving on his lot

– at the Resort boat launch we have pushed posts in to stabilize docks (note this was done without touching the lake water with equipment).  They must be removed in the fall.  

– Over the winter, I pursued getting permission to push permanent posts in at the boat launch, by submitting an application to the Alberta Government under the Water Act.  I learned that:

   – any work must be done on the lake ice, before April 15 to protect fish spawning

 – it took over a year for paperwork to get to person who actually makes decision in Slave Lake

 – was told environmental approval would be granted if everything else fell in place

 – was told approval needed by fisheries department – Myles Brown – permission was received immediately (they are in same office)

 – was told environmental approval is coming pending federal occupation license (LOC) – was given website

  – federal LOC required submitting additional application form with about 10 steps, and about 10 separate govt agencies = process was stopped at that time

– in my opinion, any work on the boat launch will be extremely difficult to get approved

– can anyone offer assistance? I will consider pursuing again this winter.

– I expect that the MD is having the same difficulty.  Hopefully, they will eventually pursue a new boat launch at the east end of lake at a steeper part of lake


  1. Report from the Manager



– The new Picnic Shelter is now usable.  

– still a bit of finishing touches, and a fireplace to install

– Moose Park Group Area is usable

– septic tank installed and outhouse that can be moved there when needed

– septic tank is marked, please stay away from it as driving on it could damage it

– other buildings in area will be assessed if they could also be made available as well later, this summer

– Store Community Building will soon to be available for use

– need to get the locks figured out to provide afterhours access

– Outhouse behind Store Community Building is now functional as well

– will be open afternoons


Fireban Process

– the website will be changed if risk of a wildfire is high

– check phone message 780.829.2357, and signs at Resort for current information.


Septic Tank Maintenance

– freezing temperatures when the tank is more than 1/3 full can damage tank

– Get it pumped out each fall

– or just dip the tank each fall to ensure the depth is OK (visually checking is not reliable)


Rules Reminder

– remember quiet hours are from 10.00pm to 8.00am

– registering your guests and pay the fees.  It goes to the Campers Association anyway.

– stay off of other people’s lots

– keep your dogs tied up at all times

– all vehicles (ATVs and highway vehicles) must be fully licensed and insured to be driven on the Resort (or on crown land)

– children under 14 years old must be properly supervised by an adult (in the immediate vicinity)

– obey all signs, especially the “Road Closed – Wet Conditions” sign to the burn pile and storage yard

– keep your speed down.  A good general rule is that if you see dust behind you, you are going too fast

– remember to put your fires completely out before leaving them unattended.

– litter has been terrible this past year, especially cans and bottles in the ditch on the resort.  This is your community so please keep it clean.  This also goes for off of the Resort and on the lake.  (Don’t throw your empty minnow buckets in the lake, it just floats to our beach anyway).

– make sure you are aware of the fishing regulations (what part of the lake is closed in the spring and when the season opens for each area)


  1. Other Items

Guest Fees  

– use a payment envelope

– $10.00 for first 3 days of first visit that summer and $30.00 per night after (see details on envelope)

– Curtis is in the office at 9:00am on the days he is working at the Resort.

– Dale will be at the store at 4:30 every day.  This has changed from 5:00pm


Fire Dept survey

– The Smith Fire Department has requested that each of us complete the survey of contact information to be used in case of emergencies

– forms available at the store

– completed forms can be put in the mailbox in front of the Store Community Building, or dropped off at the Smith store (put in a sealed envelope and address to the Smith Fire Dept)

– this is not a mandatory survey


  1. Coffee Break 10 minutes


There is an outhouse behind the store and coffee in the Store Community Building


VII. Guest  

Crystal Lonson of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is a Forest Health Technician from the Slave Lake Forest Area (Slave Lake Office) and gave an interesting presentation on FireSmart practices to help make your lot, and the Resort, more resistant to the spread of wild fires.


VIII. Report from Events Coordinator Brian and Lois


Picnic Shelter

– The picnic shelter by the main beach has been fixed up this year and while it is usable now there are further plans to fix the trim around the doors and windows to make it a little nicer, and then install a fire pit with chimney and some tables & chairs. 

– There will be no charge, but whoever uses it will be expected to put out the fire and clean up any mess


Store Community Building

– the large room beside the store (where the meeting was held) will soon be available for use as well.  There is no charge but the room must be returned to the same condition as before the event, and the floor must be mopped.

– there is some preparation needed to use this area so use must be booked


Outhouse behind Store Community Building

– The outhouse is open for people using the picnic shelter and enjoying the beach.  This washroom will remain open daily from 1.00pm to 6.00pm.  Right now there is no one to maintain this outhouse so if it is abused, these hours will likely be reduced.  If someone takes charge of it, they could be increased. 


Moose Park Group Area

– This area can be used for guest camping and would be the best fit for large overnight functions such as a family reunion, where people don’t have enough room on their lots for all of their guests.  There is no power in this area, so any campers would be roughing it (no generators allowed).

– there is some preparation needed to use this area so use must be booked

– the user may choose to mow an area before use, as well

– there is no additional fee to use this area other than the regular guest fee and a charge dumping the outhouse.  This is still being figured out


These areas are large enough to hold multiple events at the same time.  However booking them will help ensure events do not overlap.  


To book the areas, send a message to


  1. Volunteers

Every year we ask for volunteers to help out. We need somebody to be in charge of each event and not always the same person for all the events. That’s just not fair. ☹


Examples of events are

– Canada Day events. July 2; Fireworks night before

– Kids events???

– Beach Cleaning – thanks to Dave Fuller for past help

– Quad rally (for Labor Day weekend?)

– A big thanks to Curt and Meghan lot 160 for organizing the Family day Fishing Derby last winter

– Garage Sale

– Craft Sale


  1.  Add ins….

Store hours for May and June are

– Friday      4:00pm

– Saturday  9:00am



– Sunday    9:00am



The store will be open more regularly for July and August.


See sign in front of store for details


  1. Closing

Thanks to everybody in our community for helping keep our resort clean and safe, thanks to Dale and Anita for watching our trailers when we aren’t here (and thanks to Martina (146) for organizing and leading the meeting this year).


Have a great summer everybody and remember to play safe and watch out for your neighbors.