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Messages: Any mail addressed to Fawcett Lakeside Developments Inc may be placed in the mailbox at the front of the Store Community Building. You can also put a note in the box for any of us, and we will then add you to our agenda for our next working day.The mailbox is emptied nightly and left unusable outside of business hours.

Main Community Building
Sales and Administration:
Curtis Albach
(587) 877-0746

When Curtis is working at the Resort, he will be in the Store Community Building at 9.00am

At The Lake:
Dale & Anita Warriner
(780) 829-2357 please leave a message

Dale will be at the Store Community Building each day at 4:30pm to see if anyone is waiting to meet him.

Community Events:

All events at the lake are run by volunteers and are scheduled through the Fawcett Lake Resort Campers Association.

Resort Store:

The Resort Store is located in the Store Community Building.  It is one of the many on Resort businesses that are privately operated and separate from the Resort itself.  It operates seasonally and business hours are posted outside the building.